Viva NOT Vegas- 30 Day Manifesting Starting July 1st 2020

Viva NOT Vegas- 30 Day Manifesting Starting July 1st 2020

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Covid got me going crazy.

I woke up this morning wanting to go to Las Vegas SO bad. I want to feel that excitement and rush of gambling. Then I got to am I going to gamble. Casinos are Out, Professional sports games are out, School sports are out.....lottery we still got the lottery. 

I am a Certified Law Of Attraction Coach and I just love trying to manifest a lottery win. Your success or failure has to do with your limiting mindset beliefs. This fun 30 day workshop is a great way to build your manifesting muscles! 

What if you used Law Of Attraction and the Quantum Theory about collapsing time, combined with group energy? I mean what would happen? Could you manifest a lottery win? Pick Three? $50 on a scratch ticket? 

Someone is going to go to bed broke as a joke one night and wake up millions of dollars richer thanks to the lottery. Why can't that someone be you? 

I decided to get a group of like minded people together and see what happens. 

Im charging for seats to make sure the naysayers stay out. Don't want anyone bringing down the vibe. 

I will be hosting a daily meeting live in a private FB group. 

You will also receive a copy of my Law of Attraction 30 day workbook that we will be basing our daily activities on. 

Start Date is July 1st 2020 

Grab a seat now.