Self Empowerment: Dropping The Labels and Quantum Leaping Your Business With Cossondre and Spring

Self Empowerment: Dropping The Labels and Quantum Leaping Your Business With Cossondre and Spring

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Start where you are. Use what you have. Do What you can. -Buddha

That was the quote that changed everything for me. I was 40 years old and discovered I was still letting the labels that I was given as a child define my identity today. I believed that I was still a victim, that I was still anxiety, that I was still depression. I let these labels control how much money I was making. What friends I kept. How I picked my parking spots. How intense my  home security system was. Even if I had a dog or not. I let those labels decide how I valued my self-worth. 

Taking responsibility for my emotions, releasing the past, and being grateful for the present gave me so much empowerment, peace, and joy. Can you imagine walking through your house and looking around you and thinking, "I am so happy." That was me after this latest journey. That was the day I decided if nothing else comes of this, let me use my traumas and experiences to help someone else. Let me make a powerful impact in someone else's life. If just one person can experience that joy of breaking free for from their labels, then it was all worth it. 

Mindfulness is all about, "Being Better not Feeling Better." Mindfulness is about becoming so mindfully aware of how you relate to yourself, how you relate to others, how you relate to your past. Its is about forgiving those who hurt you and rejected you the most. It is about self regulating your emotions and not letting them control you anymore. 

Some benefits of mindfulness is that it helps control anger, it helps ward off depression, it reduces worry and anxiety, it helps with setting boundaries and saying no, it helps with weight-loss and maintaining a healthy weight, it lowers your daily stress, it helps you fall asleep faster, it increases your focus and concentration, it helps you become a better listener, it helps you have a more healthy sex life, it can lower blood pressure, it helps you be more assertive, it deepens your spiritual life, it helps you stick to your goals, and helps you be a better leader. 

In this 6 week Group Course you will get to work with both Cossondre and myself and we will guide you towards :

Learning the art of regulating your emotions. Not letting your emotions control decisions in your business is key to success. 

Learning how to make decisions based on your Head, Heart, and Gut NOT your emotions. As business owners we have to make tough decisions and this process really helps you decide what actions to take. 

Learning how to utilize your spirit guide team, so that you have their never ending guidance. 

Learn energy strategies to quantum leap yourself and business, raise consciousness above time and space and connect to infinite possibilities and information.

Learning how to contact your higher self for all guidance into the future.

Learning how to set authentic goals.

Learning how to take inspired action that is in perfect alignment with your authentic self. 


Are you ready to be break free and be happy, truly happy? 

Join today!

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