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November 16 Streaming for 7 days. 
Use the Code WINTER at checkout for a free ticket. 
We have Spiritual Speakers covering all kinds of topics that you have always wanted to know about. 
Sarah Chandler is a Higher Dimensional Contact Specialist Channel. She I able to contact to you and aid you making connection with your contact specialist. This experience is amazing and helps you channel higher dimensional beings. 
Natalie Medrano is a Light Language Channel. She talks about her experiences and encourages other to learn to channel their own light language. 
Michelle Miller is an Energy Healer. She will be talking about how aligning your chakras can improve your manifesting. 
Heather Hargrave is a Spiritual Market Business Coach. She will be sharing some fabulous marketing and branding for your spiritual business. 
Cossondre Bahr is a Spiritual Mediumship Coach she will be talking about psychic senses, development and how it can be used daily. 
Spring Houltin is Past Life Regression Specialist. She does past life regression hypnosis as well as past life readings. She will be talking about the difference between the two and what kind of healing a past life regression can provide. 
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